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TGC is a network of golf coaches and sport medicine and performance practitioners working together to provide a completely integrated service to the golfer. We bring together the latest in 3D biomechanics, golf-specific physiotherapy and athletic development.

Our network provides clear lines of communication back to the golfer, thus delivering the highest possible level of service and results. This process links together both physical and technical restrictions, allowing the golfer to embark on a continuing plan for both physical progression and technical improvement.

Find out all about TGC's integrated services in the following sections:

The TGA Team About TGC
Our philosophy and approach, together with profiles of our team of qualified and experienced professionals and testimonials from our students.
3D biodynamics 3D Biodynamics
Working in three dimensions and to amazing levels of detail, our system can accurately analyse your golf swing and identify how you can improve your game
Athletic development Athletic Development
Designed from your own starting point and around your individual needs and schedule, our tailored programmes can help you get the most out of your training.
Physiotherapy Physiotherapy
Our team can assess your body, identifying areas of weakness and pre-existing injuries and feed in to development of a personalised programme.

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TGC 3D Biodynamics: [email protected] Tel: 077 3425 5075
TGC Athletic Development: [email protected] Tel: 079 1941 2373
TGC Performance Nutrition: [email protected] Tel: 079 8021 5406
TGC Physiotherapy: [email protected] Tel: 020 8857 6000